Meet the 2020-2021 Officer Team!

President: Adriana Colombo

Hey! My name is Adriana Colombo and I am serving as the 2020-2021 chapter President! I am a senior and My SAE is starting a saltwater fish tank at my house and training my dog stella. I am also the manager of the marine biology lab, aquaculture lab, and the hydroponics lab. Outside of ag I am the Co-captain of the Westhill gymnastics team and the Co-President of the Westhill Feminism Club. I like to go on hikes and spend time on the water kayaking or driving my dad's mooring boat.

Vice President: Mia Labriola

Secretary: Caroline Klumac 

Hey! My name is Caroline Klumac and I’m so excited to be serving as this year's chapter Secretary. I’m a senior and for my SAE I’m testing out plant-based recipes and creating a cookbook of my favorite ones. Outside of Ag, I’m Co-President of the Tech Crew and Northstar Playmakers, Secretary of the Westhill Feminism Club, and a member of the Stamford Food Scrap Recycling Program. I love to swim, kayak, and hike but if I’m being honest I spend most of my time on TikTok.

Treasurer: Natalie Hernandez

Hi! My name is Natalie Hernandez and I am serving as this year's chapter Treasurer! Like most of the officers, I am a senior. My SAE is working at Tropiglace which is my family’s ice cream shop in Stamford. Outside of the Ag Program I am also a member of MYLC. My hobbies include a variety of sports such as tennis, soccer and figure skating along with the frequent binge-watching on Netflix. I can't wait to work with these beautiful young ladies and see what we accomplish together!

Parliamentarian: Jaime Versanti

Hey! I’m Jaime Versanti and I am serving as the 2020-2021 Parliamentarian. I am a senior and my SAE is working at Eden Farms. Outside of Ag I also work at Forever 21 and babysit. My hobbies include taking spontaneous road trips with my friends (this is almost a weekly occurrence), playing among us, spending way too much money that I don’t have, and laying in bed watching TikToks.

Reporter: Briana Harris 

Hi! I’m Brianna and I’m serving as one of the 2020-2021 chapter Reporters. I’m a senior and I’m from Norwalk, my SAE is Beds for Pets serving as Vice President. Besides from being in Ag I babysit and dogsit. My hobbies include playing Minecraft, annoying Mrs. Marenholz, playing the piano and ukulele, and walking to the store without buying anything.

Reporter: Isabella Caracciolo

Hi guys! My name is Isabella Caracciolo, and I am one of the 2020-2021 reporters. I am a junior at Westhill High School, and my SAE is hydroponics. I also am an ag building volunteer, and I often work in the animal lab. Outside of Ag, I play volleyball for Westhill and Chelsea Piers. When I am not playing volleyball or volunteering, you can catch me binge watching Criminal Minds or surfing tik tok. I am looking forward to see what our team will accomplish!!

Historian: Kimberly Versanti

Hi! My name is Kimberly Versanti and I am serving as one of the Historian’s in the 2020-2021 officer team. I am a senior and my SAE is working at the Stamford Florist. Outside of Ag, I do cross country and track for Westhill Highschool. Some of my hobbies include running/fitness and baking.

Historian: Kadiatou Konate 

Hey guys! My name is Kadiatou Konate and I am serving as one of the Historian’s in the 2020-2021 officer team. I am a senior and my SAE is reading and teaching informational ag stuff to the kids age 6+. Outside of Ag, I work at American Eagle, I braid hair, I volunteer, and I am launching my business very soon. My hobbies include cooking, watching netflix, eating, and wondering how many TikToks I am going to watch before going to bed.

Junior Student Advisor:

Ella Cognetti 

Hi! My name is Ella Cognetti and I am super excited to be serving as the 2020-2021 Chapter Junior Student Advisor. I am a junior at Westhill High School and my SAE is both creating a hydroponics system in my house and volunteering in Stamford Ag building. Outside of the Agriscience Program, I play soccer, basketball, and track for Westhill. I am also a part of the clubs Interact and Future Medical Professionals (FMP). I can’t wait to see what our officer team achieves this year!

Sentinel: Lucia Vigo Pigueiras

Hi! My name is Lucia Vigo Pigueiras and I’m super excited to be the Sentinel of the 2020-2021 officer team. I am a junior, and my SAE is working at the Stamford Museum and Nature Center. Some of my hobbies include drawing and reading. I really like hanging out with my friends, even though we can’t really do that this year. I also really love animals and have a lot of funny working with and taking care of them. 

Sophomore Class Representative: Claire Chasanoff 

Hey! My name is Claire Chasanoff and I’m so excited to be the 2020-2021 Sophomore Class Representative. I’m a sophomore and my SAE is making a Food Science Cookbook. Outside of Ag, I’m a part of the Northstar Playmakers at Westhill, and other annual musical theatre productions. My hobbies include spending time with loved ones, singing, cooking/baking, and of course: binging Netflix.