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Meet the 2023-2024 Officer Team!

Emily Urda

Hey! I’m Emily Urda and your 2023-24 President. I joined the Ag program back in 2020 because of my passion for the environment, and other sciences. Growing up I attended camps at the Stamford Museum and Nature Center each year until I was too old to do so. I still remember my favorite camp counselor Lisa Monachelli; shout out to Lisa! She is the reason I am a huge science nerd. My absolute favorite thing about Ag is the community of students and teachers. These teachers have become confidants and even family. A lot of my close friends were made through Ag and my love for Ag. This year I am super excited to begin and chair The Ag Beautification Committee. In the future, I’d like to pursue a career in medicine. Specifically neonatology. In college I plant to go pre-med and major in either bio or chem or both! Just kidding that’s really ambitious even for me… I’ll pick one. During the tiny amount of free time I have I enjoy reading, (currently reading Jane Eyre), going on walks, going to dinner with friends, and delving into a new musical artist. 

Haley Schmalle

Hi! My name is Haley Schmalle, I'm a junior, and I am the chapter secretary for the 2023-2024 school year. In ag I am super into food science. For my SAE I am the owner of a baking business, and donuts, cookies, and cakes are some of my favorite things to make. I was also part of the Stamford FFA Food Science CDE team. I had a lot of fun competing, and I hope to get another team together this year. In my free time you will probably find me taking my dog, Cooper, on walks. Or at a coffee shop, probably drinking too much iced coffee.

Nicole Vasquez

Hi, my name is Nicole Vasquez, I am a senior, and the 2023-20234 Sentinel. This is my first year being an officer, so hopefully we can all get to know each other, and get along. For my SAE I volunteered in the Ag building, and this year I’m one of the managers in the aqua lab. In my free time, I enjoy drawing, painting, reading, going for walks with my dogs, watching anime, and spending time with my family. Fun facts about me: I was born in Spain, I have been in Ecuador, Italy, and South Carolina. At home we have two dogs, one cat, two fishes, and two bunnies. And I’m interested in learning more languages. Anyway, I'm so excited to start the year, and hope to meet all of you this year!!!

Junior Student Advisor:
Samantha Culhane

Hi! My name is Samantha Culhane! I am a senior and this year's Junior Student Advisor! In Ag I am super interested In anything Dr. Martin is teaching! For my SAE I have been working on a Gluten free cook book! In my free time you can find me skiing, swimming, doing taekwondo, cooking, hanging out with family and friends, or traveling. My favorite place I have traveled to is Australia! You can also always find me with Dunkin in my hand! So excited to meet everyone!!


Nikolas Rinaldi

Sophomore Class Representative: Sara Caldarone

Hi everyone! My name is Sara Caldarone. I am currently a Sophomore, and will be acting as one of the Class Representatives for the 2023-2024 school year!  So far I have been very interested in Animal Science. My SAE’s for this year include volunteering at the Stamford Nature Center where I take care of the farm animals. I also have an Ag Volunteer SAE where I can stay after school and help out around the Agriscience building. Whether it’s cleaning in the labs or working outside in the garden! Outside of school I love to figure skate, I am in Girl Scouts where I completed my Bronze, Silver, and am working on my Gold award. I also love to bake in my spare time. I can’t wait to be a part of this year's officer team and see how much can be accomplished!

Sophomore Class Representative: Kyle Rogers

Hey! I’m Kyle and I am one of the Class Representatives for the 2023-2024 officer team. For my SAE I started a carnivorous plant business by propagating venus flytraps and butterworts. Apart from being in the Ag program I do singing lessons, theater, Taekwondo, boxing, and stunt work. I also have a pet guinea pig named Luz and a dog named Bella. Can’t wait to see y’all around!

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